Best Split Screen Baby Monitor For Monitoring Two Rooms

Welcome, tech-savvy parents and guardians, to the ultimate high-tech treasure hunt of 2024—finding the perfect split-screen baby monitor! Feeling swamped in a sea of choices? No worries, you’ve got an insider to guide you. Up next, meet the top five split-screen baby monitors that are stealing the limelight this year. Each is a standout in its own unique way, catering to different needs and budgets. So, shall we take a quick glimpse at these marvels?
Best Choice

HiPP IH009

Product Description
Best for Long-Range

VTech VM819-2

Product Description
Best Tech-Advanced

Motorola VM75

Product Description
Best for Busy Parents


Product Description
Best Easy Setup

Babysense HD S2

Product Description

Intriguing, right? These aren’t just any monitors; they’re the titans of toddler tech for 2024! But what exactly sets each one apart? That’s the golden question. As we venture ahead, I’ll be your tour guide through the lush jungle of features, the canyons of pricing, and the meadows of user experience. Are you ready for a deep dive into what makes each of these monitors a trophy-worthy pick?

Comparison Table

ModelPriceUnique FeatureItem WeightRangeBattery Life
HiPP IH009$249.99Adaptive Environment Sensing3.16 pounds900ft12 hours
VTech VM819-2$87.5519-hour Battery‎2.23 pounds1000ft19 hours
Motorola VM75$109.99Remote Pan & Tilt1 pound960ft5 hours
JLB7tech$99.9924/7 Customer Support2 pounds1000ft9
Babysense HD S2$136.824X Zoom2.38 pounds960ft12 hours

What are The Best Split Screen Baby Monitors?

In today’s market, it’s not just about the price; it’s about scoring a monitor that brings you the most value, coupled with features that genuinely ease parenting woes. I’m talking crystal-clear visuals, marathon battery life, and responsiveness that’s almost telepathic. With meticulous research and expert insights, here are the top five split screen baby monitors that truly deserve the spotlight in 2024.

1. HiPP IH009

The Epitome of Dual-Room Monitoring

Our top Pick
Hipp Ih009 Baby Monitor

HiPP IH009

The HiPP IH009 boasts a crisp 720P display and infrared night vision, covering an impressive 900ft wireless range. Monitor two rooms at once thanks to its dual-camera split screen, all packed in a pocket-sized 6.2 x 3.1 x 5.5-inch design, sustained by a powerful 4500mAh battery.

Why We Love It

  • Crisp, High-Definition Display
  • Night Vision for 24/7 Monitoring
  • Extensive Battery Life with Wide Coverage

Things to Consider

  • Limited to 900ft Range: May not suit larger homes or outdoor use
  • Thermal Monitoring can be Inconsistent

In the world of baby monitors, the HiPP IH009 is a rockstar. This isn’t just a device; it’s practically a parenting partner. Developed by HiPP, a brand synonymous with quality, this monitor is engineered to tick all the boxes of your ideal baby-monitoring system. But don’t just take our word for it; let’s dig deep into what makes it our top pick for 2024.

Why the HiPP IH009 is More Than Just a Monitor

Wondering what elevates the HiPP IH009 from a typical baby monitor to a parenting game-changer? The secret sauce is its split screen functionality. This isn’t just handy; it’s downright essential for families with twins or kids in different rooms. Say goodbye to the constant juggle between camera feeds—this monitor does it all for you.

For the Tech-Savvy Parents

Think of this monitor as the Swiss Army knife of baby tech. It doesn’t just give you eyes in the nursery; it gives you a full sensory experience. How? With its audio-visual capabilities coupled with infrared night vision, it’s like having a second pair of eyes that never blink. And let’s not forget about its thermal monitor—a nifty addition that makes it a year-round essential.

Why It’s Our Number 1 Pick

What makes the HiPP IH009 top our list is its perfect marriage between innovation and practicality. A potent 4500mAh battery gives you the freedom from constant recharging. And with a 900ft range, you’re never too far away to stay connected. This is more than just a monitor; it’s peace of mind in a 6.2 x 3.1 x 5.5-inch package.

Features to Rave About

  • Split Screen Functionality: Keep an eye on two rooms or kids at the same time.
  • High-Resolution Display: A 5-inch, 720P IPS screen for crystal-clear visuals.
  • Infrared Night Vision: Monitor your baby day and night without any hiccups.
  • Thermal Monitoring: Get real-time updates about the room’s temperature.
  • Long-lasting Battery: A 4500mAh battery for prolonged use.

The Investment

All of this doesn’t come cheap. At $249.99, the HiPP IH009 is an investment. But when it’s an investment in your child’s safety and your peace of mind, we think it’s worth every penny.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a multitasking parent seeking to reclaim some semblance of ease and control in your life, the HiPP IH009 is your best bet. Its blend of innovative features and dependable performance makes it not just an electronic gadget but a trusted parenting ally.

2. VTech VM819-2

Privacy Meets Longevity

Runner Up
VTech VM819-2 Baby Monitor

VTech VM819-2

Striking a balance between performance and privacy, the VTech VM819-2 baby monitor comes with a 19-hour battery, dual-camera system, and a massive 1000ft coverage range. This monitor offers a blend of comfort and security with added functionalities like temperature alerts and 2-way communication.

Why We Love It

  • Best-in-class 19-hour battery life
  • Exceptional 1000ft range for large homes
  • Night vision and 2-way talk for added convenience

Things to Consider

  • Video clarity capped at 480p
  • Lacks wifi or app-based control
  • Patrol mode switches views every 10 seconds

In a digital age where privacy is often compromised, the VTech VM819-2 is your sentinel in the nursery. Engineered by VTech, a brand known for its dependability, this baby monitor ensures you can have your eyes and ears where they matter most. Let’s break down why it’s our runner-up choice for 2024.

Why VTech VM819-2 is More Than Just a Basic Baby Monitor

Have you ever wished for a baby monitor that keeps an eye on your little one while also respecting your privacy? Say hello to VTech VM819-2. This baby monitor delivers more than just visuals and audio; it delivers peace of mind with its secure, non-wifi technology. No third-party servers, no unnecessary frills—just straightforward, secure monitoring.

For the Parents Who Don’t Want to Compromise on Security

If you’re looking for a baby monitor that doesn’t trade security for convenience, this is it. The VTech VM819-2 is the James Bond of baby monitors—equipped for performance without compromising on stealth. With its long-range and secure closed-loop technology, you can be certain that your baby’s feeds remain for your eyes only.

Why It’s Our Runner-Up Choice

While it may not have the video resolution of other high-end models, the VTech VM819-2 impresses with its set of balanced features. With an outstanding 19-hour battery life and an incredible 1000ft range, you’re never too disconnected from your child’s room. And all of this comes without the security vulnerabilities commonly found in wifi-enabled monitors.

Features You’ll Love

  • Temperature Monitoring: Stay informed about the nursery’s climate.
  • Easy Setup: No complicated instructions; it’s practically plug-and-play.
  • 19-Hour Battery: Keep tabs on your little one without frequent recharges.
  • 2-Way Audio: Comfort your baby with the sound of your voice, anytime.
  • Visual Silent Mode: Get alerts without disrupting your household’s peace.

The Investment

At $87.55, the VTech VM819-2 is more than just a purchase; it’s a smart investment in your family’s safety and your own peace of mind. While it might not have some of the bells and whistles of higher-end models, it delivers where it matters the most.

Final Thoughts

If you are a parent who values privacy and security as much as convenience, the VTech VM819-2 should be at the top of your list. Its remarkable range and battery life, coupled with its secure technology, make it not just an electronic device but a reliable member of your parenting team.

3. Motorola VM75

Versatility in Monitoring

3rd place
Motorla VM75 Baby Monitor

Motorola VM75

The Motorola VM75 Video Baby Monitor takes the stage with its versatile 5-inch LCD display featuring night vision. Covering a fantastic 1000ft wireless range, dual cameras, and split screen technology, this gem makes multiple-room monitoring a breeze. Crafted by Motorola Nursery in China, it’s designed for all your indoor needs.

Why We Love It

  • Sensitive microphone for detecting subtle sounds
  • Two-way communication for interacting with your baby
  • Impressive 5-inch LCD video display with night vision
  • Pan, tilt, and zoom features for an adjustable view

Things to Consider

  • Limited 5-hour battery life on the display unit
  • Potential 2.4 GHz wireless tech interference
  • Occasional pan and tilt inconsistencies

So, why is Motorola VM75 all the rage for 21st-century parenting? Simple—it puts the power of visibility and communication in your hands, quite literally! This gadget comes with an arsenal of features that not only let you observe your baby but also interact, making it a noteworthy third-place pick.

Why the Motorola VM75 is More Than Just a Viewing Screen

Don’t be fooled by its seemingly straightforward appearance; the Motorola VM75 is loaded with functionalities that raise it well above your average baby monitor. Wondering how it turns a one-sided watching experience into a two-way conversation? The answer lies in its exceptional high-sensitivity microphone and two-way communication system.

For the Night Owls and Early Risers

Goodbye to the days of tiptoeing into the nursery to check if your baby is comfortable. With the infrared night vision feature, you can keep tabs on your little one, whether it’s dawn or dusk, all from your cozy bed.

Who Needs a Nanny When You Have Technology?

Picture this: you’re elbows deep in dishes, and your baby’s crying. Thanks to the Motorola VM75, you can not only hear their cry but actually reassure them with soothing words. It’s like having an extra set of hands and eyes—pretty neat, huh?

Features You’ll Brag About

  • High-Sensitivity Microphone: Never miss a giggle or a cry, thanks to its top-notch sound detection.
  • Two-Way Communication: Have a heart-to-heart with your baby anytime, without stepping into the nursery.
  • Stellar Video Quality: See it all with its 5-inch LCD screen, whether it’s daytime or nighttime.
  • Unmatched Range: Roam up to 1000ft and still keep an eye on your precious one.
  • Versatile Viewing: Take advantage of the split screen to monitor multiple rooms or angles. It’s like having a bird’s-eye view of your entire home!

Your Investment, Their Safety

Priced at $109.99, the Motorola VM75 is a reasonable addition to your baby care regimen. When you consider the peace of mind it offers this tech-savvy tool seems like a bargain.

Final Words

When it comes to ensuring your baby’s safety and comfort, few baby monitors are as efficient as the Motorola VM75. Its variety of features like a sensitive microphone, split screen view, and robust range make it a versatile tool for modern parents. Think of it as your third eye, keeping watch so you can steal those precious moments of relaxation.

4. JLB7tech

Simplicity Meets Efficiency

4th place
JLB7tech Baby Monitor


The JLB7tech Baby Monitor stands out with its 5″ split screen enhanced with night vision capabilities. Engineered for convenience, it supports dual-camera surveillance and offers an impressive range using 2.4 GHz FHSS technology. Set it up without internet hassles and rest easy with 24/7 customer support and a 2-year warranty.

Why We Love It

  • 24/7 customer service ensuring non-stop support
  • Straightforward setup without needing internet connectivity
  • Power-saving VOX mode paired with a handy feeding alarm
  • Crystal clear two-way communication complemented by built-in lullabies

Things to Consider

  • The limited range might not suit larger properties
  • Excludes some smart monitor features available with app-based systems
  • Some users have found the pan and tilt function inconsistent

In the ever-evolving domain of baby monitors, JLB7tech stands tall. It isn’t just another device; it’s a testament to how far technology has come in aiding the modern-day parent. And as JLB7tech rolls off our lips, it resonates with reliability, ease of use, and unparalleled customer support. Here’s a peek into this genius baby-monitoring solution, solidifying its position in our 2024 list.

Discovering the JLB7tech Essence

One word: Comprehensive. The JLB7tech Baby Monitor effortlessly marries innovation with simplicity. Its 5-inch split screen offers panoramic views, ensuring you’re not missing out on any action. Night owl or early bird? The Night Vision mode ensures you’re never left in the dark.

Its genius doesn’t just stop at visuals. Two-way talk functionality empowers you to be there for your little one, even when you’re rooms apart. And while it’s streaming precious moments, its robust 2.4 GHz FHSS technology ensures the streams are smooth and interference-free.

Beyond Monitoring: Caring for the New Age Parent

Being a parent in 2024 is no mean feat. And JLB7tech gets it. Its feature list seems almost curated to give the contemporary parent a breather. Take the Feeding Time reminder – it’s almost as if the monitor knows the challenges of juggling work, home, and a baby. Or the Temperature Detection, ensuring your baby’s environment is always snug and comfy.

Growing family? No worries. With JLB7tech’s capacity to incorporate two cameras, overseeing multiple rooms becomes a piece of cake.

Top-Notch Features That Enhance Your Parenting Journey

  • 24/7 Customer Support: JLB7tech’s commitment to its customers is unparalleled. Round-the-clock support ensures you’re never left with a query.
  • Set Up in a Jiffy: Say goodbye to complicated manuals. JLB7tech is plug-and-play, with no internet strings attached.
  • Stay Alert with VOX: The Voice Activation mode ensures the monitor springs to action at the slightest sound, all while conserving energy.
  • Conversations and Lullabies: Engage in two-way chats or let the built-in lullabies work their magic.

The Investment and Its Returns

Priced at a modest $99.99, the JLB7tech Baby Monitor is an investment in serenity and reliability. It’s not about a price tag but about the peace of mind that accompanies it.

In Conclusion

Navigating the labyrinth of parenthood is challenging. But with JLB7tech by your side, you’re armed with a tool that understands and addresses modern challenges. It’s not just about monitoring; it’s about connecting, understanding, and ensuring the best for your little one. A must-have in every tech-forward home!

5. Babysense HD S2

Dual HD Monitoring

5th place
Babysense HD S2 baby monitor

Babysense HD S2

Crafted for the discerning parent, the Babysense HD S2 is more than just a monitor. With a dual HD camera system, it promises unparalleled coverage and clarity. Its 5″ split screen, combined with night vision and 2-way audio, ensures that you’re always in touch, even from a distance of 960ft. And the best part? All of this comes without the need for wifi.

Why We Love It

  • Dual HD cameras for double the clarity
  • Battery endurance paired with a power-saving mode
  • Two-way communication enriched with soothing melodies
  • Vibrant HD split screen, ready for multi-camera views

Things to Consider

  • While 960ft is impressive, it might be limiting for extensive properties
  • The night light intensity might not cater to everyone’s liking
  • Some might find the split screen too compact for detailed viewing

When it comes to safeguarding your little ones, Babysense HD S2 isn’t just a baby monitor—it’s an extra set of eyes, keen ears, and a reassuring voice. This device embodies what modern parents need, all while keeping the process simple and secure. Let’s unveil the reasons that place it on our coveted list for 2024.

Why Babysense HD S2 is a Parent’s Dream

Two words: Dual Cameras. The capability to monitor two separate spaces or angles is unparalleled. Be it siblings in different rooms or one energetic toddler moving around a lot, you can track them without toggling between views.

For the Parent Who Wants All Angles Covered

Imagine watching over your baby with HD clarity, then zooming in four times just to catch that adorable little yawn. Now, add the flexibility of panning and tilting the view, making sure every corner is visible. That’s the Babysense HD S2 for you—comprehensive, clear, and close.

Features That’ll Make You Smile

  • Crystal Clear Dual Cameras: Toggle between, or split view, two HD feeds effortlessly.
  • Night-time Guardian: With its IR night vision, your monitoring isn’t bound by sunlight.
  • Interactive Two-Way Audio: Hum a lullaby or whisper soothing words, irrespective of where you are.
  • Adaptable Night Light: Ensuring your baby’s room has that gentle illumination for a peaceful sleep.
  • Secure, Always: No wifi, no hacking worries. The 960ft range ensures connectivity without compromising security.

Price Matters

All these advanced features come with a tag of $136.82. Considering the versatility, clarity, and security offered, it’s an investment in peaceful nights and worry-free days.

Final Verdict

For the multitasking parent, the Babysense HD S2 is more than just a gadget—it’s a partner in ensuring your baby’s safety. With the power of two cameras, crisp visuals, and interactive audio, parenting feels a tad bit easier. It’s not just about watching over; it’s about staying connected, always!

Key Features and Benefits of Split Screen Baby Monitors

In the digital age, split screen baby monitors, such as the HiPP IH009 and VTech VM819-2, have become the epitome of effortless child surveillance. What makes them shine?

  1. Dual Perspectives: These monitors illuminate the ease of simultaneously keeping an eye on multiple rooms or children—eliminating the tedious task of switching between camera views.
  2. Clarity and Scope: With premier dual camera setups, like those in the Motorola VM75, the breadth of your surveillance widens, capturing every tiny detail of your child’s environment.
  3. High-Resolution Displays: Why settle for grainy images? Monitors like JLB7tech and Babysense HD S2 champion crystal-clear visuals without breaking the bank.
  4. Affordability Meets Innovation: Modern features at competitive prices mean more parents can experience the luxury of split screen monitoring.

In essence, these monitors are not just gadgets; they’re revolutionizing parenting by blending convenience with state-of-the-art features.


Navigating the landscape of split screen baby monitors, it’s clear: devices like the HiPP IH009 and VTech VM819-2 aren’t just technological marvels—they’re parenting partners.

🌙 Round-the-Clock Vigilance: Night vision ensures your protective gaze remains unbroken, even when the world sleeps.

📡 Wireless Wonders: Stay connected to your baby, whether you’re in the living room, kitchen, or garden.

🔋 Long-lasting Assurance: Generous battery lives mean your ever-watchful eye doesn’t blink out unexpectedly.

🔗 All in One: No need for multiple gadgets. The split screen function consolidates your monitoring needs into one efficient device.

🛡️ Safety First: With features that track even your baby’s breath, the peace of mind offered is unparalleled.

In essence, investing in monitors like the HiPP IH009 or VTech VM819-2 transcends technology—it’s an investment in tranquility. They symbolize a fusion of security, innovation, and ease, crafted for the modern parent. Our 2024 reviews affirm: that for an unhindered and serene parenting journey, these split screen monitors are your top allies.


A split-screen baby monitor is a device that allows you to view multiple camera feeds simultaneously on one screen, making it easier to keep an eye on multiple areas or children.

Most split-screen baby monitors allow you to add extra cameras, so you can expand your monitoring coverage as needed.

A split-screen baby monitor connects multiple cameras wirelessly or through wires to a central base unit, which displays the video feeds from each camera on the same screen.

Not all split-screen baby monitors are compatible with smartphones. However, some models offer smartphone apps that allow you to access and view the camera feeds remotely for added convenience and flexibility.

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