EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra Review: The Ultimate Home Backup Solution?

Power outages can leave us in the dark, looking for reliable backup power. The EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra hit the market recently, promising a solution. This review will explore if it’s the right fit to keep your lights on during blackouts.

Keep reading to find out!

Key Takeaways

  • The EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra has a massive 6kWh storage capacity and can output 7200W, making it highly capable of supporting essential home appliances during power outages or for off-grid living.
  • It features versatile charging options, including AC power outlets, solar panels, or gas generators, and boasts up to 5.6kW solar input capacity, which is great for those who want to use clean energy.
  • The device is portable and designed with an intuitive interface for easy operation, plus it can be expanded up to a whopping 90kWh with additional units for larger energy needs.
  • With the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2 integration, homeowners gain enhanced control over their power supply by efficiently managing energy from different sources without manual intervention.
  • Despite its hefty price tag, initially starting at $4,999 for the unit alone and $1,599 for the smart panel (with bundle options available), financing plans could make this innovative backup power solution more accessible.

Overview of the EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra stands out as a powerhouse for homes, offering both backup energy and portable electricity. It brags about fast charging speeds, vast storage capacity, and compatibility with solar arrays, making it an ally in clean energy efforts.

Features and Specifications

Diving deep into the EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra reveals a powerhouse of features and specifications designed for those who demand reliable, efficient, and versatile home backup solutions. This unit stands out for its hefty energy storage capacity and diverse charging methods.

  1. Energy Capacity: This device boasts a 6kWh storage capability, putting it at the forefront for handling demanding electrical load needs in various settings.
  2. Power Output: With a remarkable 7200W output, this model can easily support essential home appliances during outages or for off-grid living.
  3. Solar Input Flexibility: Featuring up to 5.6kW solar input capacity, it efficiently harnesses sunlight to recharge, making it ideal for eco-conscious users with existing rooftop installations or plans to adopt solar technology.
  4. Charging Options: Users can recharge the EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra via AC power outlets, solar panels, or gas generators, ensuring flexibility in how they maintain the unit’s charge level.
  5. Compatibility with Rooftop Solar Panels: This system seamlessly integrates with both conventional rooftop solar setups and flexible solar panels, offering installation versatility and enhancing its appeal to a broad range of solar energy enthusiasts.
  6. Portable Power Supply Feature: This model is not limited to stationary use as a backup power source; it is also portable, providing electricity on the go for camping trips or work sites without direct access to the power grid.
  7. Multi-Charging Capabilities: It can receive charge simultaneously from multiple sources, speeding up the replenishment process and ensuring readiness when needed most.

With these standout features and specifications taken together, EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra emerges as a compelling choice for those seeking a reliable backup power source that can keep pace with high-demand energy needs while offering convenience through portability and flexible charging options.

Performance and Efficiency

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra stands out with a hefty 6kWh storage capacity, making it powerful enough to keep your lights on, refrigerators running, and gadgets charged without breaking a sweat.

Its ability to produce up to 7200W of output ensures that even during the most demanding times, your home stays powered efficiently. The system’s smart use of solar panels allows for an impressive solar input of up to 5.6kW, pushing the boundaries of harnessing sunlight for energy.

Harnessing power effectively means less reliance on the grid and more savings.

Furthermore, its advanced cooling system operates quietly in the background, ensuring peak performance while maintaining efficiency. This balance between high power output and efficient energy management makes it a standout choice for those looking for sustainable energy solutions.

Whether you’re off-grid or simply seeking backup power, this unit promises seamless transition with minimal downtime, proving its worth as a prime investment over traditional generators.

EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra

Analysis of the EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra’s Design and Build

Crafted for durability and efficiency, the EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra presents a sleek yet rugged design fit for both indoor and outdoor environments. Its build quality reflects a careful selection of materials, ensuring it withstands various conditions without compromising on appearance or functionality.

This portable battery system showcases an intuitive interface that allows users easy access to its features, making setup and operation straightforward.

Engineers designed this device with scalability in mind, allowing it to expand up to 90kWh power capacity through stacking additional units. Such flexibility makes the DELTA Pro Ultra not just a temporary backup solution but also a scalable energy storage option capable of meeting higher demands.

With ports clearly marked and protective measures integrated into its design, safety remains paramount whether charging electric vehicles or powering essential home appliances during outages.

EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra: Pros and Cons

Exploring the EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra reveals a blend of strengths and weaknesses. This analysis guides potential users in understanding how this device stands out and where it falls short.


  • Massive 6kWh Capacity Hefty Price Tag
  • High 7200W Output
  • Impressive 5.6kW Solar Input
  • Can Power a Home Solo or as Part of a Backup Solution
  • Connects Up to 42 400W Solar Boards
  • Fully Automated Home Switchover During Outages


  • Hefty Price Tag
  • May Be Overkill for Smaller Needs
  • Complex Installation for Solar Setup
  • Requires Space for Optimal Setup
  • Initial Investment for Solar Boards is High
  • Learning Curve for Smart Home Panel 2 Integration

This table distills the key aspects of the EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra, highlighting its ability to provide substantial power and flexibility. However, it also acknowledges the potential hurdles regarding cost, complexity, and space requirements. Users should weigh these factors based on their specific needs and situations.

Understanding the EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra’s Functionality

Unpacking how the EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra works shows its power as both a backup for your home and a movable energy source. Please keep reading to see how it stands out in keeping lights on and gadgets running smoothly without a hitch.

Home Backup Solution

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra is an impressive home backup solution. It boasts a 6kWh capacity and a powerful 7200W output, which enables the device to meet the energy demands of most homes, especially during outages.

Its ability to integrate with solar power systems enhances its appeal to those seeking sustainable energy sources. The unit’s compatibility with additional battery units means homeowners can scale their backup system based on their specific needs, ensuring reliable access to electricity even in hurricane-prone areas.

The future of home energy is not just keeping the lights on; it’s powering your life uninterrupted.

With its advanced features like manual transfer switches and plug-and-play functionality, setting up the EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra as a whole-home power backup is straightforward. Homeowners no longer need to rely solely on traditional diesel generators or be at the mercy of grid power reliability.

By using this backup system, individuals gain control over their electrical supply, combining convenience with eco-friendliness through options like EV charging stations and smart management via the EcoFlow app.

Portable Power Supply

EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra shines as a mobile power source, perfect for those moments away from the electrical grid. With its impressive 6kWh capacity and ability to push out 7200W, it keeps gadgets running during camping trips or even while working remotely in the great outdoors.

Its compatibility with solar panels adds an eco-friendly option for recharging, making it ideal for sustained off-grid living.

Charging this unit doesn’t just rely on sunlight; it can also connect to AC outlets or be powered by gasoline generators when necessary. This flexibility ensures that critical devices stay operational during extended power interruptions or in remote locations lacking standard electric supply.

Such versatility makes EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra not just a battery pack but a lifeline to modern conveniences wherever you are.

Exploring EcoFlow’s Smart Home Panel 2

Discover how the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2 can upgrade your home’s energy setup. This powerful system brings together cutting-edge technology for controlling and managing power from various sources.

With its automatic switch feature, it makes shifting between grid, solar, and battery resources seamless. See how it pairs with the DELTA Pro Ultra to offer an unmatched energy solution.

Explore now to find out more about turning your house into a smarter, more efficient space.

Key Features

The EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2 stands out in the field of home energy solutions with its unique offerings. Its design merges innovation and efficiency, crafting a user-friendly interface that simplifies power management. Here are the key features outlined:

  1. 5.6kW Solar Input Capacity: This feature supports a hefty solar panel setup, allowing homeowners to harness solar power effectively. With a capacity to handle up to 5.6kW from solar panels, it ensures ample electricity generation for daily needs.
  2. Integration with EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra: The panel works seamlessly with the EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra, providing an efficient whole-home backup solution. This integration allows for a smooth transition between power sources without interrupting home activities.
  3. Automated Whole-Home Switchover: In case of a power outage, this system automatically switches over to battery backup, ensuring continuous power supply without the need for manual intervention.
  4. High Solar Panel Compatibility: Homeowners can connect up to 42 units of 400W solar panels, maximizing solar input to an impressive 16.8kWh. This capability makes it easier to scale up your solar energy system as needed.
  5. EcoFlow App Integration: Through the app, users can control when the battery should take over during peak energy times and switch back to grid electricity at cheaper rates or nighttime automatically.
  6. Fast Installation Process by Certified Electricians: Professional electricians can set up this smart panel in approximately 8-10 hours, ensuring a quick and safe installation process.
  7. Cost-effective Power Management: Priced at $1,599, it provides an affordable option for those looking to enhance their home’s energy resilience without breaking the bank.

These features collectively make the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2 a compelling choice for anyone seeking reliable off-grid power or an effective battery backup solution while embracing renewable energy sources like solar panels.

Compatibility with DELTA Pro Ultra

EcoFlow’s Smart Home Panel 2 seamlessly works with the DELTA Pro Ultra. This combo allows your home to keep running smoothly during outages. The panel can manage up to 12 separate electrical lines, giving you control over which parts of your house get power first.

You can choose to run essentials like fridges and lights while keeping less critical devices off, saving battery life for when you need it most.

With EcoFlow and the Smart Home Panel 2, controlling power in your home becomes as simple as tapping a button.

Charging the DELTA Pro Ultra is straightforward and versatile. Use AC outlets, solar panels, or even gas generators to refill its batteries. This flexibility ensures that you will always find a convenient way to charge your system, keeping your home powered without interruption.

The integration between these technologies means no fumbling with complex setups or being left in the dark during emergencies.

Comparing the EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra with Other Brands

In this section, we’re taking a closer look at how the EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra compares to its competitors. With its impressive 6kWh capacity, 7200W output, and ability to be charged in various ways, it sets a high standard. Here’s a straightforward comparison to help you see why this model might be the right choice for your needs.

Brand/ModelCapacityMax OutputSolar InputCharging MethodsExpandabilityPrice (USD)
EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra6.1kWh7200W5.6kWAC, Solar, GeneratorYes$5,799
Bluetti AC200P2kWh2000W700WAC, Solar, CarNo$1,799
Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro2kWh2200W1400WAC, Solar, CarNo$2,099
Goal Zero Yeti 3000X3kWh2000W600WAC, Solar, CarYes$3,499
Renogy Lycan Powerbox1.1kWh1200W300WAC, Solar, CarNo$1,299

This table highlights key areas where the EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra outperforms its rivals, especially in terms of capacity, maximum output, and versatility in charging options. Given its promo price, it also offers significant value, considering its specs and capabilities. This comparison makes it clear why the Delta Pro Ultra is worth considering for those seeking a reliable and powerful backup power solution.

Cost Analysis and Financing Options for the EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra costs $5,799, and the Smart Home Panel 2 costs $1,599. However, opting for both in a bundle deal temporarily drops the cost to $6,399. This upfront investment might seem steep, but considering the cutting-edge LFP (lithium iron phosphate) battery technology it employs and its fast charging capabilities compared to alternatives like Tesla’s Powerwall, it positions itself as a value-packed choice for those eyeing long-term energy solutions.

Exploring financing options can ease the burden of this initial outlay. Many sellers offer payment plans that spread the cost over time, making it more manageable for homeowners to adopt this advanced power backup solution without draining their savings at once.

Additionally, looking into rebates or incentives offered by local governments or energy providers for installing eco-friendly power storage systems can further reduce the overall expense.

This approach softens the financial impact and encourages more households to transition towards sustainable energy sources.

Real-World Testing of EcoFlow’s Claims

Experts tested the EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra in different conditions, checking if it lives up to its promises. They conducted tests during fake power outages to ensure it could keep a home running without hitches.

The device, as advertised, had a 6kWh storage capacity and could output 7200W. Even more impressive was its ability to accept 5.6kW from photovoltaic panels, proving that this energy station isn’t just about storing juice but also effectively harnesses solar power.

Installations by certified technicians took between 8-10 hours, showing that setting up this system is no small feat yet achievable within a day’s work. Testing revealed that not only does the DELTA Pro Ultra switch over automatically during an electricity failure, ensuring a seamless transition and uninterrupted power supply, but it also charges at record speed using lithium iron phosphate cells known for their longevity and safety compared to traditional batteries.

This real-world examination underscored the accuracy of EcoFlow’s claims about their leading-edge product’s performance and reliability in critical situations.

EcoFlow App: Features and Functionality

The EcoFlow app delivers smart control right at your fingertips. Users can easily set the battery to power their homes during high energy use times and then switch back to grid electricity when costs drop at night.

This feature saves money and optimizes power usage without hassle. The app also alerts users to charge their storage cells fully before a storm hits, ensuring they’re prepared for any outage.

With 12 different circuits under user command, managing home energy becomes simple and efficient.

Using this app takes the guesswork out of using your DELTA Pro Ultra. You get real-time updates on how much juice your batteries have left and can manage them from anywhere with an internet connection.

It turns complex tasks like scheduling automatic switchover or checking on your system’s health into easy taps on a screen. Whether you’re keeping cozy with heaters in winter or powering essentials during an outage, the EcoFlow app puts peace of mind in the palm of your hand.

Conclusion: Is the EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra Worth It?

Exploring the EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra shows its strengths in powering homes during outages. This powerhouse brings peace of mind with its high energy capacity and ability to connect to many solar modules.

Yes, it’s an investment at first, but it offers savings and security over time. People living in areas often hit by storms would find it a reliable friend. With solid performance in testing, the DELTA Pro Ultra stands as a smart choice for those needing steady power without interruptions.


The EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra offers unique features such as the fastest charging technology and versatile energy storage options with LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries, setting it apart from competitors like the Tesla Powerwall.

Yes, equipped with high-quality LFP batteries, the EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra provides efficient stored energy management for home backup solutions, ensuring reliable power when you need it most.

The device seamlessly integrates into your home by connecting to your breaker box, allowing for a smooth power supply transition during outages without manual intervention.

Absolutely! The EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra leads in innovation with its fast charging capability, significantly reducing downtime and ensuring that your backup power is ready quicker than many other battery packs on the market.

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